Nghĩa của từ retina|retinae|retinas bằng Tiếng Anh


[ret·i·na || 'retɪnə]

light-sensitive layer at the back of the eyeball which receives images and transmits them to the brain as nerve impulses (Anatomy)

Đặt câu với từ "retina|retinae|retinas"

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2. Retina Display!

3. Now that image is permanently etched into my retinas.

4. eye retina

5. Osteomas are every bit as distinctive as fingerprints or retinas.

6. My eyesight was irreparably damaged by detached retinas in 1971.

7. As to the effectiveness of procedures for correcting detached retinas, Dr.

8. [ Developing retina, nose and fingers ]

9. This is the retina.

10. It's better than burning out your retinas looking at the UVC rays.

11. But that means that retinas in your eyes are not catching the light, either.

12. Objectives:To study the changes in microvascular rarefaction of retinae in hypertensive rats and patients.

13. Can rewiring the retina restore vision?

14. Your retina and cornea seem unaffected.

15. The invention concerns a retina implant comprising a surface (28) which abuts a retina (12).

16. Apparatus for retina phototherapy

17. And the other thing is they're working on artificial retinas for the blind.

18. Here you have a retina.

19. Well, maybe you have on your retina -- Your retina responds to sort of color that hits it.

20. We used two kinds of albinotic Wistar rats (1. Animals with intact retinas. — 2.

21. RETINA (has pulled away from choroid)

22. We're risking damage to his retina.

23. Determining eye motion by imaging retina. With feedback

24. Method for determining exudates in the retina

25. He says: “My retinas have only been slightly damaged, and thankfully, I still have my full peripheral vision.