Nghĩa của từ retin-a|retin a bằng Tiếng Anh


trademark for a retinoic acid preparation used in the treatment of acne (available in cream, gel and liquid form)

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1. Abstract: This paper synthesized a kind of macromolecule retin yl schiff base salts.

2. Sinonime: a Atenua, a ceda, a descrește, a diminua, a domoli, a emoționa, a fi plin de, a înduioșa, a îndupleca, a înmuia, a lăsa, a mărunți, a micșora, a modera, a moleși, a pondera, a pune rufele în apă înainte de spălat, a reduce, a scădea, a se blegi, a se calma, a se crăpa, a se face mai moale, a se face zob, a se îmbăia

3. A Non vegetarian, a Egalitarian, a Proletarian, a Altitudinarian, a Libertarian, a Historian, A nephew, an uncle

4. Solution: S S aAs aSbAs A SbA a A S aabAS S a a aabbaS A ba S b A Aabbaa S a a b a 3

5. Synonyms for A tad include a trifle, somewhat, a bit, a little, a mite, a spot, a touch, ish, a smidgeon and a whit

6. For example, csc A = 1/sin A, sec A = 1/cos A, Cot A = 1/tan A, and tan A = sin A /cos A.

7. Synonyms for A trifle include somewhat, a bit, a little, a mite, a spot, a tad, a touch, ish, a smidgeon and a whit

8. A pin a day a groat a year.

9. A-a deal's a deal.

10. Get A tad, a dash, a pinch, a smidgen, and a drop

11. Antonyms for Beaucoups include a little, a few, a bit, a trickle, few, a couple, a handful, a limited amount, a piddling amount and a small amount

12. A husband, a son, a friend, a brother, a business owner, a first-class honors graduate, a keen amateur photographer.

13. Ameliora (also: a îmbunătăţi, a îmbunătăţi, a Ameliora, a dezvolta, a reforma, a lucra, a forma, a perfecționa, a se îndrepta, a îndrepta) volume_up to improve {vb}

14. A apple a hour a obligation Before a consonAnt sound represented by a

15. A chamber pot (also a Chamberpot), a piss pot, a potty, a po, a gazunder, or a thunder pot) is a container with a handle, usually used as a urinal at night

16. In the course of a single day, a parent may be a counselor, a cook, a housekeeper, a teacher, a disciplinarian, a friend, a mechanic, a nurse —the list goes on and on.

17. A thrill's a thrill A thrill's a thrill Even in paradise I said a thrill's a thrill

18. A drifter, a cheater, a tinhorn.

19. A covenant is a contract, a compact, a solemn promise.

20. The active substance is e.g. a drug, a biocide, a fertiliser, a flavour, a protein or a microorganism.

21. Accomplish a task verb (accomplishes a task, accomplished a task, Accomplishing a task) do a job verb (does a job, did a job, doing a job) Conjugations for accomplish a task:

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24. Cantilena Lyrics: (Note: the "g" in "gwi" should hardly be pronounced) / Ma wi a gwi a / A ma gwi a ma gwi a ma gwi a ke ya / A ma gwi a ma gwi a gwi ke ya / A ma gwi a ma gwi a ma ki a / A ma gwi a

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