Nghĩa của từ reticulate|reticulated|reticulates|reticulating bằng Tiếng Anh


[re'tic·u·late || rɪ'tɪkjeleɪt /-kjʊ-]

create a network, form into a network, distribute by a network

Đặt câu với từ "reticulate|reticulated|reticulates|reticulating"

Dưới đây là những mẫu câu có chứa từ "reticulate|reticulated|reticulates|reticulating", trong bộ từ điển Từ điển Tiếng Anh. Chúng ta có thể tham khảo những mẫu câu này để đặt câu trong tình huống cần đặt câu với từ reticulate|reticulated|reticulates|reticulating, hoặc tham khảo ngữ cảnh sử dụng từ reticulate|reticulated|reticulates|reticulating trong bộ từ điển Từ điển Tiếng Anh

1. The ornamentation of extine is reticulate, reticulate- microperforate or microperforate.

2. The surface ornament of seed is reticulate or mammilate.

3. I see you caught yourself a Reticulated Python.

4. Plastics. Reticulate polyethylene pipes for pipelines under pressure. Specifications.

5. I found myself in front of the reticulated python.

6. Reticular reticulate Crisscrossed Antonyms nonreticulate get worse worsen attend to 5

7. Based on the structural features of reticulated shells and arch structures, arch-supported reticulated shell structures are developed as a new large-span space hybrid structural system.

8. These are to form the reticulate structure inside company site.

9. This photo shows only the carapace, with their distinctive reticulate surface ornamentation.

10. Shaking table experiment of single - layer ellipsoid reticulated shell was carried out.

11. In Asia, there is the Indian python and the reticulated python.

12. A case of reticulate pigmented anomaly of the flexures is reported.

13. Seeds (1 or)2 per valve, subpyramidal, rugose reticulate; hilum linear, minute.

14. In this paper, nonlinear mechanics behavior of the shallow reticulated spherical shell is studied.

15. Packing: side sealing, reticulate , sealing edge 8 MM, another level with pneumatic cutter.

16. Crisscrossed: 1 adj marked with crossing lines Synonyms: crisscross reticular , reticulate resembling or forming a network

17. The reticulated network showed possible connections among adjacent populations, putatively resulting from previous contacts.

18. From original reticulated cells differentiation to mature stellate cells, the enzyme activity was increased gradually.

19. The octagonal nave piers have no capitals and ascend to carry the reticulated nave vault above.

20. Vintage ACS Bavaria Reticulated Marie Antoinette Bowl, Fine Bavarian China, Pierced, Flowers, Gold Trim, Decorative Latticed Sides TheDishGarden

21. While the title of the longest may be contested with the reticulated python, Anacondas are by far the heaviest.

22. That distinction goes to the Asiatic reticulated python, the longest-known specimen measured at thirty-three feet.

23. The rivers and brooks reticulated the broad plains of the valley, as thickly as veins in marble.

24. Following the reticulated deep house-paced hybrids of his acclaimed 2017 debut, 'Mas Amable' displays a serpentine guile that

25. Subject is cachectic with large patches of reticulated, hyperpigmentation on her chest, abdomen, and left anterior thigh, consistent with melanoma.