Nghĩa của từ assemblages bằng Tiếng Anh

a collection or gathering of things or people.
a wondrous assemblage of noble knights, cruel temptresses, and impossible loves

Đặt câu với từ "assemblages"

Dưới đây là những mẫu câu có chứa từ "assemblages", trong bộ từ điển Từ điển Tiếng Anh. Chúng ta có thể tham khảo những mẫu câu này để đặt câu trong tình huống cần đặt câu với từ assemblages, hoặc tham khảo ngữ cảnh sử dụng từ assemblages trong bộ từ điển Từ điển Tiếng Anh

1. Assemblages synonyms, Assemblages pronunciation, Assemblages translation, English dictionary definition of Assemblages

2. The Assemblages restaurant team

3. Synonyms for Assemblages in Free Thesaurus

4. Tween Authigenic, perigenic, and allogenic assemblages of grains

5. The most common Assemblages material is metal

6. Assemblages into the correct ecological group with 85% accuracy

7. The Assemblages did not differ between stone sizes in BRG

8. Global Assemblages presents a unique perspective on the current globalization debates

9. Temporary prohibition on large Assemblages and events, temporary school closures

10. Certain assemblages of species are characteristic of specific geologic time periods.

11. Stages in the formation and modification of small mammal bone assemblages.

12. Fig. 13 Percentage completeness of mandibles from recent owl prey assemblages.

13. It investigates sexist Assemblages through three of many potential elements: (1) the normatively

14. Alkali basalts typically have mineral assemblages that lack orthopyroxene but contain olivine.

15. According to Hahn, “Of the 100 Aurignacian assemblages twenty-one have yielded signs.

16. They are considered as parauthochthonous assemblages, accumulated during periods of low sediment input.

17. In conclusion, epidemiology is the most parsimonious explanation of the order that may be observed in ectoparasite Assemblages. From the Cambridge English Corpus They can also be merely stochastic Assemblages

18. There are 118281 Assemblages for sale on Etsy, and they cost $39.20 on average

19. Authigenetic mineral assemblages in sandstones of a given burial history (Worden and Burley, 2003)

20. Two common metamorphic mineral assemblages include sillimanite-cordierite-spinel and cordierite-spinel-plagioclase-orthopyroxene.

21. For example, assemblages characterized by high proportions of Agglutinated taxa are found in intertidal marshes.

22. These differences produce corresponding differences in the bone assemblages produced by owls and diurnal raptors.

23. These differences are accounted for by postulating that a cryptic Grenvillian thrust separates the assemblages.

24. Benthonic foraminiferal assemblages varied significantly through the section and appear to contain a strong paleoecological signal

25. Most of the major postcranial elements from the assemblages are more broken than the pellet bones.

26. ASSEMBLAGGI • Assemblings • ASSEMBLAGESASSIEMI • Assemblings • ASSEMBLAGES ASSIEMI - ASSEMBLAGES - Assemblings 11 Profili e accessori in alluminio per scale, balconi e ringhiere Profiles et accessoires en aluminium pour garde corps, clotures Aluminium profile and accessories for stairs, balcones and fences PROF

27. Resetting of the K-Ar system occurred only in host rock assemblages that experienced strong pervasive alteration.

28. In practice natural sediments are rarely composed of spherical grains, and most contain assemblages of many shapes.

29. Fig. 4 Skeletal element proportions of bone assemblages from diurnal raptors and mammalian carnivores, as for Fig.

30. Although assemblages within sedimentary-volcanic environments are emphasized, the processes apply to any sulphide accumulation subjected to metamorphism.

31. The following sections describe a series of recent small mammal assemblages accumulated by known predators under known conditions.

32. In general, however, bone breakage is less in owl bone assemblages than in those of other predator species.

33. The mineral assemblages of rocks correspond to medium-pressure metamorphism in the greenschist, albite-epidote-amphibolite and the amphibolite facies.

34. A media theory and history blog diagramming how media form Assemblages of people, populations, technologies, meanings, and sensations

35. Open agricultural drains (ditches) provide necessary drainage for cropland and may also provide habitat supporting native fish assemblages.

36. We conducted a survey of acidified shield lakes to assess epilithic periphyton assemblages as indicators of natural recovery.

37. The fossils in these bone beds appear to be time-averaged assemblages of Rhaeto-Liassic or older age.

38. 20 This size limitation means that harvester ant assemblages are not good indicators of the local mammalian fauna.

39. The accompanying Fe-Ti-oxide assemblages (magnetite, rutile, ilmenite, hematite) are subdivided into allothigenic, authigenic, diagenetic and metamorphic formations.

40. Skulpturen - Plastiken - Objekte - Verformungen - Assemblagen - Möbel - Mode - Raumkonzepte / Sculptures - Plastics - Objects - Re-Shapings - Assemblages - Furnitures - Fashion - Spatial Concepts

41. The prospect is structurally controlled and contains several cross-cutting vein sets that have alkalic, chloritic, or argillic alteration assemblages.

42. Archaic artifact assemblages reflect this transition in the increased presence of manos, metates, and other implements for grinding plant foods

43. It can also be used to calculate the fugacity of oxygen recorded by mineral assemblages in metamorphic and igneous processes.

44. We have known for more than 45 years that microplastics in the ocean are carriers of microbially dominated Assemblages

45. Recent studies show these dense assemblages were instead probably the result of currents accumulating dead individuals in certain areas.

46. 12 The snowy owl and tawny owl assemblages diverge most greatly from this, with fewer complete mandibles than maxillae.

47. Relationships between boring sponge Assemblages and the availability of dead coral substrate on Mexican Pacific coral reefs - Volume 99 Issue 4

48. We compiled data from 166 long-term surveys of insect assemblages across 1676 sites to investigate trends in insect Abundances over time.

49. One of the main differences between predator assemblages and those accumulated by other means results from the activity pattern of the predator.

50. Overall, the substrate and nutritional heterogeneity introduced by Authigenic seep carbonates act to promote diverse, uniquely adapted assemblages, even after seepage ceases