Nghĩa của từ assembles bằng Tiếng Anh

(of people) gather together in one place for a common purpose.
a crowd had assembled outside the gates
fit together the separate component parts of (a machine or other object).
a factory that assembled parts for trucks

Đặt câu với từ "assembles"

Dưới đây là những mẫu câu có chứa từ "assembles", trong bộ từ điển Từ điển Tiếng Anh. Chúng ta có thể tham khảo những mẫu câu này để đặt câu trong tình huống cần đặt câu với từ assembles, hoặc tham khảo ngữ cảnh sử dụng từ assembles trong bộ từ điển Từ điển Tiếng Anh

1. Top synonyms for Assembles (other words for Assembles) are meets, assembled and joined.

2. Assembler definition is - one that assembles

3. Synonyms for Assembles in Free Thesaurus

4. Assembles is a crossword puzzle clue

5. Assembler definition, a person or thing that assembles

6. Assemblers •Assembles fabricated parts at floor stations

7. 7 October - Chamber of Deputies (Chambre introuvable) first assembles.

8. Assembles Cogitatingly arithmetize doina ossicle bephilter misbiassed machy salivant

9. 'Assembles' is a 9 letter word starting with A and ending with S Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for Assembles We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word Assembles will help you to finish your crossword today

10. Job costing, journal entries. Donald Transport Assembles prestige manufactured homes

11. Verbs for assemble include assemble, assembled, assembles, Assemblest, assembleth and assembling

12. The Crossword Solver found 102 answers to the Assembles crossword clue

13. Verbs for assembled include assemble, assembles, Assemblest, assembleth, assembling and assembled

14. The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships

15. Cufflinks the program assembles transcriptomes from RNA-Seq data and quantifies their expression.

16. Assembles is a crossword puzzle clue that we have spotted over 20 times

17. Solution for The PPS Company Assembles home air conditioning units for the local market

18. Catholic bishops cower as Biden Assembles pro-abortion administration Abby Johnson 12/21/2020

19. SG Assembles Based in Piedras Negras, Mexico, we are the experts in custom handwork solutions

20. Synonyms for Anthologizes include compiles, collects, assembles, composes, marshals, gathers, organizes, amasses, accumulates and systemizes

21. Synonyms for Aligns include ranges, orients, arranges, arrays, orders, places, positions, assembles, coordinates and disposes

22. Synonyms for Amasses include accumulates, stockpiles, accrues, assembles, collects, accretes, concentrates, cumulates, heaps and masses

23. What does Assembles mean? Third-person singular simple present indicative form of assemble

24. 1 day ago · DW News German 'Puzzle King' Assembles world's largest jigsaw

25. Synonyms for Concenters include gathers, assembles, meets, congregates, collects, convenes, foregathers, converges, concentrates and clusters

26. Synonyms for Compiles include assembles, arranges, organises, organizes, groups, collects, systematises, systematizes, gathers and systemizes

27. The byte synchronizer assembles a sequence of selected bits into a bit block, or character.

28. Additionally, a paperback-book line assembles and packs as many as 100,000 books per day.

29. He looks at a film in the editing room like a sculptor and assembles the pieces.

30. Synonyms for Assembles include constructs, builds, erects, fabricates, connects, joins, makes, manufactures, sets up and confects

31. They use networks of outsourced suppliers and assembles, which has led the splintering of research divisions.

32. Cufflinks assembles transcripts, estimates their abundances, and tests for differential expression and regulation in RNA-Seq samples

33. The game takes place on a battle field of hexagons, upon which the player assembles an army.

34. The substrate specificity switch FlhB Assembles onto the export gate to regulate type three secretion Nat Commun

35. Synonyms for Converges include assembles, concentres, concenters, concentrates, congregates, gathers, meets, clusters, collects and conglomerates

36. Very specialized material that the abalone self- assembles, millions of abalone, all the time, every day, every year.

37. Then, the editor assembles the raw footage into a preliminary version of the film, called a rough cut.

38. He assembles the first 3 aircraft civil aerobatic formation at Boscomantico near Verona, called "Frecce Rosse".

39. Cufflinks Cufflinks assembles transcripts, estimates their abundances, and tests for differential expression and regulation in RNA-Seq samples

40. Cufflinks assembles transcripts, estimates their abundances, and tests for differential expression and regulation in RNA-Seq samples.

41. AUREA (Aromantic-spectrum Union for Recognition, Education, and Advocacy) assembles general information and community updates on Aromanticism

42. 集合,收集( assemble的第三人稱單數 ); 裝配,組合 "a point where blood assembles" 中文翻譯 : 血會 "the council of elrond assembles" 中文翻譯 : 愛隆王議會的集結 "a point where vital energy assembles" 中文翻譯 : 氣會 "Assemblest" 中文翻譯 : vt

43. Furthermore, P11-4 has shown that it assembles into fibers within Carious lesions, and promotes the remineralization thereof

44. The centromere is the locus upon which the kinetochore assembles, and Centromeres themselves are determined by their unique protein composition

45. Now, in the series' latest episode, he starts his mission -- and he Assembles his very own team to do it

46. Assemble definition: When people Assemble or when someone Assembles them, they come together in a group, Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

47. 21 rows  · Crossword Clue The crossword clue Assembles with 5 letters was last seen on the …

48. Cambium is a tool that assembles structured data sets of hourly cost, emission, and operational data for modeled futures of the U.S

49. Assembler definition: An Assembler is a person, a machine, or a company which assembles the individual parts of Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

50. The photographer also assembles an assortment of major public buildings whose poor designs have done their own damage to the city.