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opening, hole, perforation, cleft, passage

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1. ANATOMICAL STUDY OF FORAMEN VESALIUS The foramina of the carotid circulation consist of pattern 1 (sensu Voss, 1988); a thick Alisphenoid strut is present, and the subsquamosal fenestra is large (Figs.

2. Treatment: Foramen Magnum stenosis Foramen magnum stenosis is the first spinal manifestation in an infant with Achondroplasia

3. Arteri vertebralis memasuki duramater setinggi foramen magnum.

4. These foramina are confluent with the orbital fissure in many sharks.

5. A Meckelian foramen ran along the outer side of the dentary.

6. The Adductor fossa and the anterior and posterior meckelian foramina are also partially filled with matrix

7. On the obturator oblique view—that in which the obturator foramen is seen en face—the anterior column, posterior Acetabular wall, and obturator foramen are accentuated.

8. Are small; the Actinosts somewhat separated from each other and without distinct foramina between them

9. Caducities caducity (current term) caducous caduke cadwaladerite cadwaladerites: cady caeca caecal caecal arteries caecal folds caecal foramen of frontal bone caecal foramen of the tongue caecal hernia caecal recess caecal volvulus

10. The Brachiopod has a chitin covered stalk, known as the pedicle, that exits through the foramen

11. As a result, pressure in the left atrium is higher than that of the right, and the increased pressure holds the interatrial flap (which covers the foramen ovale) shut, therefore closing the foramen ovale as well.

12. A balloon catheter for abrading a patent foramen ovale and method of using the balloon catheter

13. Actinosts are with the cleithrum anteriorly, and bears a small, autogenous, hourglass shaped, and their size complete foramen

14. According to Columbia University, your Apical foramen is typically between 0.5mm to 1.5mm from the apex of your root

15. There is a ventral exposure of the Alisphenoid, lateral to the pterygoid, posterior to the foramen pseudovale but is not contacted

16. Even if the foramen ovale does seal shut, an aneurysm may occur, usually on the side of the right atrium.

17. Apical; Apical (bronchopulmonary) segment S I; Apical abscess; Apical angle; Apical area; Apical axillary lymph nodes; Apical bearing; Apical bronchus; Apical cap; Apical cap sign; Apical clearance; Apical complex; Apical crowding; Apical cyst; Apical delta; Apical dominance; Apical ectodermal ridge; Apical foramen; Apical foramen of tooth

18. • Basilar impression is a skeletal malformation in which the upper cervical spine and clivus demonstrate translocation into the foramen magnum

19. The Bipedal stance reduces the pressure on the neck since the foramen magnum is further underneath the skull compared to quadrupedal species

20. 28 The circumflex scapular artery and vein were complicated by the subscapular nerve at the front meatus of the trilateral foramen.

21. The advantages of ALIF compared to posterior fusion techniques are the free approach to the anterior disc space without opening of the spinal canal or the neural foramina.

22. Synapomorphies of the family include a y-shaped parietal roof with large median crest; parietal foramen in the frontal bone (not known in Laemanctus), and Basiliscine-type caudal vertebrae

23. It’s often not possible to know the precise location of your Apical foramen, so your dental professional will typically fill your root canal before its end

24. On the ridge of bone dividing the carotid canal from the jugular foramen is the inferior tympanic Canaliculus for the transmission of the tympanic branch of the glossopharyngeal nerve; and on the wall of the jugular foramen, near the root of the styloid process, is the mastoid Canaliculus for the passage of the auricular branch of the vagus nerve.

25. The mental nerve block Anesthetizes the inner oral mucosa, gingiva, and lower lip and exits its foramen just below the canines of the mandible and first premolars