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Abase أهن

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3. Dictionary entry overview: What does Abase mean? • Abase (verb) The verb Abase has 1 sense:

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6. ‘Haughtiness I Shall Abase

7. Abasing meaning Present participle of abase.

8. What does Abase mean? Information and translations of Abase in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

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10. But you abase the haughty.

11. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Abase a‧base / əˈbeɪs / verb → Abase yourself — Abasement noun [uncountable] → See Verb table Examples from the Corpus Abase • The members of the Political Executive Committee Abased themselves once more

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14. Abase [ uh- beys ] See synonyms for: abase / Abasement on verb (used with object), a·based, a·bas·ing.

15. Abase [ uh- beys ] See synonyms for: Abase / Abasement on verb (used with object), a·based, a·bas·ing.

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20. He began to abase the man behind his back.

21. 12 He would not abase himself by showing fear.

22. Definition of Abase to lower so as to hurt feelings Examples of Abase in a sentence My stepmother is an evil woman who likes to Abase little children because she had a miserable childhood herself

23. Abase: to lower in character, dignity, or quality.

24. Abase [ uh- beys ] See synonyms for: Abase / Abasement on T verb (used with object), a·based, a·bas·ing

25. Abasement Meaning: "embarrassment, dread, fear," from abase + -ment

26. Abase Viewed from afar, the town seemed to Abase itself in the presence of the architectural preëminence of that monarch of buildings.

27. In a tearful interview with Sky News, Hussen Abase says the …

28. Shamima Begum said she last saw Amira Abase and Sharmeena Begum

29. Abasest meaning (archaic) Second-person singular simple present form of abase.

30. Aback abaft abandon abandoned abandoning abandonment abandons abase abased abasement Abasements

31. Abase definition is - to lower in rank, office, prestige, or esteem

32. Conjugate Abase in every English verb tense including present, past, and future.

33. Day of the LORD Trade Abase Abasement Of The Proud

34. 11 A man who never respect others will abase hisself.

35. Origin Abase (1300-1400) Old French abaisser, from Vulgar Latin bassiare “ to

36. 19 Abase all, the Server application and Client application implementation was followed.

37. Abases meaning Third-person singular simple present indicative form of abase.

38. 21 A group of machine addresses that refer to abase address.

39. Thus he enters the dining room ready to Abase himself because he disdains everyone else.: How easily an ancient civilization can be made to Abase itself completely.: Heand his lawyers will need to seriously Abase themselves before the Committee if he's going to escape a similar fate.: Come fall, the rich and the powerful Abase themselves for a seat in the owner's box.

40. Unlike most federal departments and agencies, the CSA has no significant "ABase" budget.

41. 17 A man who uses bad language will only abase himself.

42. 3 He refused to abase himself in the eyes of others.

43. But your eyes are against the haughty, and you abase them.

44. What does Avile mean? (obsolete) To abase or debase; to vilify; to depreciate

45. You abase us... yet give a savage the cross of St. Louis!

46. ə-bās' The definition of Abase means to make someone lower, either by making him feel humiliated or by actually demoting his position. An example of Abase is a bully taunting a victim.

47. 22 For You save an afflicted people, But haughty eyes You abase.

48. 14 In former times, priests used to abase themselves before the gods.

49. 9 Father, plead, ingratiate and abase yourself before your all-powerful children!

50. 6 The president is not willing to abase himself before the nation.