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1. Abbasid (əbă`sĭd, ă`bəsĭd) or Abbaside (–sīd, –sĭd), Arab family descended from Abbas Abbas, d

2. Abbasid (əbă`sĭd, ă`bəsĭd) or Abbaside (–sīd, –sĭd), Arab family descended from Abbas Abbas, d

3. 2005: Abbas triumphs in Palestinian elections.

4. Nasir Abbas Founder of ABBAS OĞLU We made lots of great and successful designs together with Ceaseless2b creative

5. But Abbas was no puppet and soon seized power for himself.

6. Case 42, Youcef Abbas (listed as Youcef Abbes) (Status: delisted)

7. Jamilla Abbas, is a software engineer, businesswoman and entrepreneur in Kenya.

8. A kind of metronome was among the inventions of Andalusian polymath Abbas ibn Firnas (810–887).

9. Abbasid Caliphs of Baghdad (750-1258) descendants of Prophet's uncle Abbas Sunnites

10. 18 Mr Abbas made Mr Dahlan, Hamas's nemesis, secretary of a new national security council.

11. THE Auns is a unique limited edition custom shoe concept designed by Abbas Aun

12. Abbasids a dynasty of Arab caliphs (750–1258), descended from Abbas, uncle of Muhammad

13. In his inaugural address, Mr. Abbas had confirmed his readiness to restart final status negotiations with Israel

14. Dr. Abbas H. Al Alawi is a family medicine doctor in Houston, Texas

15. Abats (latīņu: abbas, no ivrita: אבּא‎ — 'tēvs') — Romas katoļu baznīcas goda tituls, kuru no 5

16. 19 The Umayyads were finally overthrown and the first Abbasid, Abul-Abbas, took the throne.

17. A struggle for power between President Abbas and the new government emerged over the security services.

18. As the maneuvering continues, Israel and Egypt find themselves working together to bolster Abbas and Fatah.

19. Al-Khazen said that the Gulf official also spoke with him about Abbas and his wife and children.

20. Mr. Abbas says he would still wish to return to negotiations after the U.N. action.

21. Abbasid əbă´sĭd, ă´bəsĭd or Abbaside –sīd, –sĭd , Arab family descended from Abbas, the uncle of Muhammad

22. The previous North-South corridor had possibly been using other ports in Iran including Bandar Abbas.

23. That kind of arrangement probably would not last long , but perhaps long enough to keep Mr Abbas talking .

24. The Abbasids were descendants from Prophet Muhammad’s youngest uncle, Abbas Ibn Abd Al-Muttalib, whom the empire was named after

25. The Annada Mask is fashioned from our luxurious cotton silk and features artwork Oasis by Abbas Almosawi

26. "We've never had any connection to either,” Mohammed Abbas, the administrator of the complex, told The Times.

27. India Reaping Rewards for Investing in Cricketing Structure, Says Zaheer Abbas Pakistan batting great Zaheer Abbas believes India is reaping rich rewards for the investment it made in its Cricketing structure in the last decade, a testament of which is its recent historic triumph in Australia

28. According to Lynn Townsend White, Jr., the Andalusian inventor, Abbas Ibn Firnas (810–887), made the earliest attempt at creating a metronome.

29. Zeinab Aliyas is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Architecture at Islamic Azad University of Bandar Abbas, Iran

30. Afterwards, Netanyahu said that he agreed with Abbas during the meeting that peace talks should be relaunched as soon as possible.

31. Actors Bousy, Abbas al Nouri, Samih as Sariti, Ahmad Salamah Huda Hani, Muna Hilal and Haitham Mohammad will also take part in the series

32. Hamas says Mr Abbas , whose electoral term has expired without a fresh poll , has no right to represent the Palestinian people .

33. Shia Muslim women attend the festival of Arbaeen, one of the holiest days in their religious calendar, at the Imam Abbas shrine in Karbala, Iraq.

34. Hepatic (jaundice, aminotransferase elevation) and renal (albuminuria) dysfunction may occur several days after ingestion, but are rarely serious or prolonged (Abbas et al., 1996).

35. Catholicos Evdemoz preached throughout the country and developed and implemented a plan to bring King Teimuraz, who had been driven out by Shah Abbas, back to the throne

36. “Comes Hugo de Dagesburc” reached agreement with "abbas Novillarensis ecclesiæ" relating to land "Warthenbergensi castro Adjacentia" by charter dated 1158.

37. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas gathered leaders of the Palestine Liberation Organization in the West Bank to discuss Israel's decision to end a 10-month moratorium on settlement construction.

38. The Royal House of Bahawalpur is said to be of Arabic origin and claim descent from Abbas, progenitor of the Abbasid Caliphs of Baghdad and Cairo

39. ‘During his Abbacy, he kept the Buckfast community abreast of changes in the outside world.’ Origin Late Middle English from ecclesiastical Latin abbacia, from abbas, abbat- (see abbot ).

40. In September 2007, YouTube blocked the account of Wael Abbas, an Egyptian activist who posted videos of police brutality, voting irregularities and anti-government demonstrations under the Mubarak regime.

41. The two disciples, stripping off their heavy outer garments, abbas, or Burnouses, put them as trappings on the two beasts, not knowing on which their Master meant to ride

42. The two disciples, stripping off their heavy outer garments, abbas, or Burnouses, put them as trappings on the two beasts, not knowing on which their Master meant to ride

43. 750-1258) and claimed descent from Mohammed's uncle, Abbas 3; adjective Abbassid of this dynasty 3; noun Abbassid a member of a dynasty of caliphs ruling at Baghdad, a.d

44. This is a visit to Brazil is the Palestinian National Authority President Mahmoud Abbas met yesterday in the Palestinian diaspora and the local Arab ambassador to Brazil, said this position.

45. President Abbas, when the new American administration came into the office last January, we did so against the fresh backdrop of the passage of Security Council Resolution 2334.

46. Abu '1-Abbas, the first Abbasid caliph, was the first to appoint a vizier (wazir, " helper," so Aaron is wazir to Moses in the Koran), a confidential minister VUlerate

47. ( 1 ) Fifteen years after Oslo supposedly ended the state of war , four years after Mahmoud Abbas took over and supposedly improved on Arafat ' s abysmal record , the PLO publicly maintains it remains at war with Israel .

48. Abbasid definition is - a member of a dynasty of caliphs (750—1258) ruling the Islamic empire especially from their capital Baghdad and claiming descent from Abbas the uncle of Muhammad.

49. Ibn 'Abbas said, 'This Verse was revealed in Mecca and it has been Abrogated by a Verse in Surat-An-Nisa which was later revealed in Medina." Muslim, Number 0675: Abu al

50. A Commendatory abbot (Latin: abbas commendatarius) is an ecclesiastic, or sometimes a layman, who holds an abbey in commendam, drawing its revenues but not exercising any authority over its inner monastic discipline