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5. Abbe-type refractometer

6. Abbe developed numerous optical instruments.



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10. » 1.55 and an Abbe coefficient v¿D?

11. [Notes on several Almanachs Abbe Chaupitre]

12. Definition of Abbe in the dictionary

13. Abbe Libraries open with limited services

14. Abbe died 14 January 1905 in Jena.

15. Some less common occupations for Americans named Abbe were Clerk and Clerk View Census data for Abbe Data not to scale

16. In 1940, Farmer and Secretary were the top reported jobs for men and women in the US named Abbe. 28% of Abbe men worked as a Farmer and 17% of Abbe women worked as a Secretary

17. It is named after the German physicist Ernst Abbe.

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19. between 1.60 and 1.66 for Abbe coefficients $g(y)¿e?

20. A simple two-lens Abbe Condenser is illustrated in Figure 1

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25. English to urdu dictionaryabatable abbe abbasid abbey abbevillian Abbatial Meaning in Urdu _____

26. She married Hillel Abbe Shapiro who was a lecturer at the university medical school.

27. The principal type of apparatus to be used is the Abbe-type refractometer.

28. Abbe was a courageous reformer whose sociopolitical ideas were well ahead of their time

29. Abbe was established in 1997 offering qualifications in the building and construction industry

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31. In 1893, after five years of work, Czapski finally completed his contribution to Adolf Winkelmann's Handbuch der Physik (Encyclopedia of physics) entitled Theorie der optischen Instrumente nach Abbe (Theory of optical instruments according to Abbe).

32. Located in Bar Harbor, within 200 metres of Agamont Park and The Abbe Museum

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34. The refraction index values for the same samples were measured using a thermostated Abbe refractometer.

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36. Abbe de L’Epee, a French Catholic priest, founded the first social and religious association for deaf people around 1750.L’Epee’s full name was Abbe Charles Michel de L’Epee and he was one of the most important people in the history of sign language.

37. its substage assembly shall incorporate an Abbe or achromatic phase-contrast condenser in a centring focusing mount

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40. A composite sheet having the cyclic siloxane compound has an Abbe number of about 45 or more.

41. 1840–1905, German physicist, noted for his work in optics and the microscope condenser known as the Abbe condenser

42. Abbe is a specialist awarding body that provides nationally recognised qualifications that reside in the Built Environment industry sector

43. I asked her to come but she preferred to remain in Paris with your grandfather and the abbe.

44. Abbe Lane was born on December 14, 1932 in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA as Abigail Francine Lassman

45. Abbe Community Mental Health is a state accredited community mental health center, serving clients of all ages for 70 years

46. Abbe Center for Community Mental Health, is a subsidiary of AbbeHealth Services located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, and Manchester

47. Abbe plays a crucial role in developing qualifications that meet industry requirements and prepare people for, or give individuals the …

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49. As a young boy, Abbe lived in an impoverished family where his father labored 16 hours a day to provide for his wife and children.

50. Ernst Abbe was a brilliant German mathematician and physicist who made several of the most important contributions to the design of lenses for optical microscopy