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13. Abbacies: Plural form of <xref>abbacy</xref>

14. Abbacy is an noun, plural abbacies according to parts of speech

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17. Cardinals Sclafenati and Domenico della Rovere were to receive abbacies and/or benefices.

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21. Abbacy ( plural Abbacies ) The dignity, estate, term, or jurisdiction of an abbot or abbess

22. The word Abbacies uses 8 letters: a, a, b, b, c, e, i, s

23. It dates back to the years 1337-1377 -- that is, the Abbacies of Adam de

24. Hugh was the abbot of several Abbacies: Saint-Quentin (822–823), Lobbes (836), and Saint-Bertin (836)

25. Abbacies definition: the office, term of office, or jurisdiction of an abbot or abbess Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

26. Hudood Amal Meaning in English, Abbacies meaning, Translate Urdu word Hudood Amal into English in Urdu to Eng dictionary

27. Her father was said to have offered her three Abbacies, but she remained at Wilton serving as abbess there

28. Hugh rose to become abbot of several abbacies: Saint-Quentin (822/23), Lobbes (836), and Saint-Bertin (836).

29. She was an opponent of the Gregorian reform, though she honoured the papacy, and defender of the autonomy of Abbacies.

30. They founded a convent at Brégille and an abbey for men at Bèze, installing children in both Abbacies

31. Catholic Dioceses in the World by Type Territorial Abbacies (11) Territorial Abbacy: Country: Rite: Churches/Bishops: Maria Einsiedeln: Switzerland

32. ‘Some of its clergy married, and Abbacies could be held by secular men.’ ‘The king retained his influence over elections to Abbacies and bishoprics, and continued to receive their revenues during vacancies.’ ‘Under the abbacy of St Ailred, it flourished, becoming the largest Cistercian community in England.’

33. And on this same occasion, among the others who accepted Abbacies, Ernulf, who before was prior at Canterbury, succeeded to the abbacy in Peterborough

34. The Church’s governance structures include dioceses and archdioceses, territorial prelatures and territorial Abbacies, vicariates and prefectures apostolic, patriarchal exarchates, archiepiscopal exarchates, and one personal prelature

35. 메이플토리스토리【멜로디.NET】π빅서버#구체적㎍루아주소♬메이플엘린시아온라인υ메이플온라인ク백야다운로드σ프리메이플다운ⓑ청ゃAbbacies pronunciation - How to properly say 메이플토리스토리【멜로디.NET】π빅서버#구체적㎍루아주소♬메이플엘린시아온라인υ메이플온라인ク백야다운로드σ프리

36. Abbacies is a 8 letter word which starts with the letter A and ends with the letter S for which we found 1 definitions.

37. Like all major prelates of the time, he held multiple abbacies in commendam, which supported him in his official capacities in a manner befitting his rank.

38. “Vinaya Monasteries, Public Abbacies, and State Control of Buddhism under the Northern Song (960-1127).” In Going Forth: Visions of Buddhist Vinaya, edited byWilliam Bodiford

39. The O’Corrigans (O Corragain) were an ecclesiastical sept closely related to the Maguires, and men of the name long filled Abbacies and other church offices in County Fermanagh

40. Level one is what you could refer to as the least intense level in that it merely involves taking care of healthy Abbacies and ensuring that they stay healthy

41. Several of the kings who held abbacies as well as the kingship, Ólchobar among them but also the better known Cormac mac Cuilennáin, are thought to have been compromise candidates for the kingship.

42. In 866, upon Robert's death, Hugh received all the former's abbacies, including Noirmoutiers and Saint-Martin de Tours, counties, including Tours, and the margraviate between the Seine and the Loire (Neustria).

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44. ‘Nevertheless, the distribution and control of offices, such as countships, abbacies, and Bishoprics rather than the royal treasury became the main foci of the political rivalries and conflicts of the ninth and tenth centuries.’

45. It has been argued that because of the decaying state of the Celtic Church, abbacies in this time period “were often held by laymen, who drew the revenues and appointed churchmen to perform the ecclesiastical offices.”

46. 101) awarded the Abbacies of Jedburgh and Coldingham to his kinsman and mentor, the Earl of Home, as reimbursement for the latter's "executioun of diuer [Beta] Comissiounes for quieting of the bordouris of this realme and repressing of all Insolence and disordour within" the Middle Shires.

47. 1 Summary 1.1 Society 1.1.1 Northern Spines Order 1.1.2 Southern Spines Order 1.2 Warfare 1.3 Death Ritual 2 Location 3 Estimated Numbers 4 Known Towns 5 Allies 5.1 Frae Forje and Hearthlands 5.2 Frae Castyls 5.3 Draegemen 6 Foes 6.1 Mageocracy of Pintara 6.2 Haraj Qatal 6.3 Gobli Warrens 7 Characters 7.1 Great Maestr Thrumur 7.2 Mistress Black 7.3 Brimfrost the Monk 8 Comments The Abbacies