Nghĩa của từ raise ire bằng Tiếng Anh

arouse anger, arouse rage

Đặt câu với từ "raise ire"

Dưới đây là những mẫu câu có chứa từ "raise ire", trong bộ từ điển Từ điển Tiếng Anh. Chúng ta có thể tham khảo những mẫu câu này để đặt câu trong tình huống cần đặt câu với từ raise ire, hoặc tham khảo ngữ cảnh sử dụng từ raise ire trong bộ từ điển Từ điển Tiếng Anh

1. She did not raise the ire of teachers.

2. Jakacan (IRE) Grey Sparkle (IRE) Acquisitor Tommytwohoots Mollys Brother Ginato (IRE) Creative Mojo (IRE) Harry Haafhd Better by Far (IRE) Swing Low Harworth (IRE) Colinton Mr Zanetti (IRE) Desert Mist (IRE) Polam Lane

3. The pedigree for Bardd (IRE) is: DYLAN THOMAS (IRE) - ZARAWA (IRE) - KAHYASI.

4. Canoodled (IRE) Canoodled (IRE) is a bay filly

5. Bardd (IRE) Bardd (IRE) is a bay gelding

6. The pedigree for Canoodled (IRE) is: MEHMAS (IRE) - FONDLED - SELKIRK (USA).

7. The pedigree for Boutan is: TOBOUGG (IRE) - HIGH TAN - HIGH CHAPARRAL (IRE).

8. Bankrolled (IRE) Age: 3 (Foaled March 5th, 2018) Sex: Bay Filly Sire: Requinto (IRE) Dam: Bankeress (IRE) Trainer: R …

9. Aleatoric (IRE) Age: 5 (Foaled March 11th, 2016) Sex: Bay Gelding Breeding: Dylan Thomas (IRE) - Castalian Spring (IRE) (Oasis Dream) Trainer: Martin Smith

10. Bonilass (FR) Fasliyev - Mahsusie (IRE) Motivator (GB) $25.00: $15.00: $50.00: 8: Ainrahma (FR) Piccolo (GB) - Majestic Filly (IRE) $25.00: $15.00: $50.00: 9: Ma Pretention (FR) Great Pretender (IRE) - Makaldoun (FR) $25.00: $15.00: $50.00: 10: Saint Georges (FR) Silver Frost (IRE) - Manita (IRE) $25.00: $15.00: $50.00: 11: Pas Interessee (FR

11. Cockalorum (IRE) entries, wins and results

12. Horse: Barathea Barathea (IRE) b

13. Formerly Za·ire and Congo and

14. Will anyone be spared your ire tonight?

15. Their ire won at least one concession.

16. The fire is ire all night.

17. That, too, is raising the neighbours' ire.

18. Her smiling grace converteth straight to ire.

19. Now it is China that attracts Washington's ire.

20. Their ire was directed mainly at the government.

21. A combination of circumstances landed the company ire bankruptcy.

22. I'll give you Apothegms of hate and epigrams of ire.

23. But she also attracted the ire of advocacy groups.

24. The proposal has drawn the ire of local residents.

25. Corpses raise questions, questions raise armies.