Nghĩa của từ encore|encores bằng Tiếng Anh


[en·core || ɒŋ'kɔː]

request by an audience for a repeat or additional performance; performance given in response to such a request

Đặt câu với từ "encore|encores"

Dưới đây là những mẫu câu có chứa từ "encore|encores", trong bộ từ điển Từ điển Tiếng Anh. Chúng ta có thể tham khảo những mẫu câu này để đặt câu trong tình huống cần đặt câu với từ encore|encores, hoặc tham khảo ngữ cảnh sử dụng từ encore|encores trong bộ từ điển Từ điển Tiếng Anh

1. 3 The singer gave four encores.

2. Merde encore!

3. Ali's recitation was so good that she gave three encores.

4. AO: One encore, yes.

5. The violinist got an encore.

6. He took encore after encore until the thinning crowd finally disappeared into the dark autumn evening.

7. Avouchier survit encore dans l'angl

8. Do Encore Azaleas Lose Their Leaves? (Hint… They’re Evergreen!) Encore Azaleas Are the Most Sun Tolerant

9. The audience called for an encore.

10. The violinist got an enthusiastic encore.

11. Lang's final encore last night was "Barefoot".

12. The pianist gave a long and varied recital, with a couple of encores for good measure.

13. And this band were just getting encore after f***ing encore; it was really good stuff, a real grunge-fest.

14. Plant your garden masterpiece with Encore Azaleas

15. But what could you do for an encore?

16. Search Group Inventory at Beadles Chevrolet Buick GMC for Cascada, Century, Electra, Electra/Park Avenue, Enclave, Encore, Encore GX, Envision, Estate Wagon, LaCrosse

17. How to Amend Your Soil for Encore Azaleas

18. The band came back onstage for an encore.

19. The maestro assented to the request for an encore.

20. For an encore, he sang an unaccompanied folk song.

21. Encore presentations aired on A-Channel, Star! and FashionTelevisionChannel.

22. Encore couples have established careers instead of student loans.

23. Écrire l’Argot est encore une autre paire de manches.

24. You'll never get an encore if you perform like that!

25. They did a few old hits as/for an encore.