Nghĩa của từ warthog|warthogs bằng Tiếng Anh


species of African wild pig with large tusks and fleshy growths on its face

Đặt câu với từ "warthog|warthogs"

Dưới đây là những mẫu câu có chứa từ "warthog|warthogs", trong bộ từ điển Từ điển Tiếng Anh. Chúng ta có thể tham khảo những mẫu câu này để đặt câu trong tình huống cần đặt câu với từ warthog|warthogs, hoặc tham khảo ngữ cảnh sử dụng từ warthog|warthogs trong bộ từ điển Từ điển Tiếng Anh

1. You're a warthog.

2. Britches Warthog, Warrenton, Virginia

3. " The bad news is we dropped a warthog on her

4. The Britches Warthog is back! Small batch durable style without absurd prices

5. On another occasion two warthogs were seen holding off a pack of 16 wild dogs.

6. A bad-tempered warthog chased the hyena away and it dropped the thing.

7. And she doesn't have to go on an exhausting hunt and try and kill a warthog.

8. And then he turned one of them into a rhinoceros and the other one into a warthog.

9. We saw lots of Rhinos, Giraffes, Boffolas, Zebras, Warthogs Flamingos and Baboons (one was hanging off the roof into the vehicle)

10. Britches started by offering quality clothing at fair prices - this heritage continues today with the rebirth of the Britches Warthog

11. Bebop was once a human, who, along with Rocksteady, became the Shredder's henchmen following his mutation into a mutant warthog

12. During the hottest hours of the day, warthogs can often be found at “home” in an abandoned aardvark burrow that has been enlarged with their tusks.

13. But it now appears the 2021 Bronco will offer larger, 37-inch tires from the factory—although whether they'll be limited to a Beastlier off-road model such as the expected Raptor/Warthog or

14. Most experts agree that babirusas are part of the pig family, and are one of the oldest living members of the family, representing a subfamily, Babyrousinae, that branched off from the warthog branch of the pig family (Subfamily Phacochoerini) during the Oligocene or early Miocene.