Nghĩa của từ warsaw ghetto|warsaw ghetto bằng Tiếng Anh

ghetto established by the Nazis in order to house Jews before their deportation to death camps (during World War II)

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1. The Warsaw Ghetto had 500,000 Jewish inmates, and the Białystok Ghetto had about 60,000.

2. The date also marks the occasion that Nazi soldiers raided a Warsaw ghetto to round up innocent Jews .

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4. Black ghetto life.

5. Ghetto white's the new brown.

6. Children grow up streetwise in the ghetto.

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12. I happen to enjoy my ghetto brew affectation.

13. The Ministers welcomed the Warsaw COP decision on setting up a Warsaw International Mechanism for Loss and Damage.

14. Of 3,500 Jews "moved" between ghetto sections, only 550 arrive.

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16. His office marked the edge of the executive ghetto.

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19. I was frustrated by my ghetto, sickened by my reputation.

20. Buttles Age 76, of Warsaw, passed away on October 6, 2021 at the Wyoming County Nursing Facility in Warsaw

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22. 1,150 German aircraft bombed Warsaw on 24 September.

23. The Germans began surrounding Warsaw on 9 September.

24. What a sheltered life she leads, in her self-built lavender ghetto.

25. Anytime they had a disturbance in the ghetto he would call me.