Đặt câu với từ "witness in rebuttal"

1. His rebuttal appeared in yesterday's op-ed.

2. The retrial is in the rebuttal phase.

3. Often they fear ridicule or a rebuttal.

4. The accusations met with a firm rebuttal.

5. There is no rebuttal from the idol-gods.

6. That brought a pointed rebuttal as well.

7. A party may always submit evidence in rebuttal or amplify previous evidence

8. Attesting witness Attesting witness; Attesting witness Definition

9. Erik, and Lyle, are in the prosecution rebuttal phase of their murder retrial.

10. The controlling in teaching course has been in rebuttal, especially in the Chinese teaching field.

11. Corroborative Witness TestimonyLet's now go back to corroboration in witness testimony

12. The witness was put in the witness box by the counsel.

13. The notion that wide variation in practice proves that medicine is not based on science rebuttal.

14. They made a clause - by - clause rebuttal of the letter.

15. But plaintiff Attorney Fang also carries on the rebuttal to this view.

16. She issued a point-by-point rebuttal of the company's accusations.

17. The plaintiffs devoted much of their rebuttal case Wednesday to damage control.

18. Incumbent Democratic candidate, Joseph Galbrain, will then be allowed a one-minute rebuttal.

19. Objective To deal with medical actions in tort, rebuttal burden of proof has been applied widely.

20. The rebuttal to this argument is equally simple: People create resources.

21. The retrial is now in the defense rebuttal phase, and closing arguments are tentatively set for next week.

22. Be Diligent in “Bearing Thorough Witness”

23. If a witness so requests in advance, the proceedings are conducted in the native language of the witness.

24. The witness is recalled to the witness box.

25. Here is an example of a simplified Counterclaim and rebuttal paragraph's topic sentence:

26. “That one will bear witness about me; and you, in turn, are to bear witness.”

27. Witness in Business Territory With Confidence

28. In Hebrew, “Gilead” means “Witness Pile.”

29. Let the witness be sworn in.

30. A Witness

31. A true witness delivereth a deceitful witness speaketh lies.

32. Antonyms for Asseveration include disavowal, denial, rejection, disclaimer, contradiction, repudiation, renunciation, rebuttal, recantation and disowning

33. ▪ When we witness in business territory

34. Pakistan has still not issued an official rebuttal to the latest Indian statements.

35. Synonyms for Confutation include disproof, rebuttal, refutation, disconfirmation, counterargument, disproval, reply, disproving, answer and counterstatement

36. After speaking with the Adjudicator, please remember that rebuttal information may be needed from the employer

37. The fourth section is devoted to a rebuttal against the two possible criticisms to our thesis.

38. Even Witness children were put in prison.

39. So the plaintiffs called Fung back on their rebuttal case to tell jurors he had goofed.

40. 15 min: “Witness in Business Territory With Confidence.”

41. The witness box was encased in strong glass.

42. Then the prosecution wheeled in a surprise witness.

43. 4 Prepare to Give a Witness: Paul had to make opportunities to witness while under house arrest in Rome.

44. Fucking witness protection.

45. That resulted in another fine witness to Jehovah.

46. Last I checked, he was in Witness Protection.

47. For example, consider an elderly Witness in Austria.

48. After the defense finishes its closing argument, the plaintiffs will have the opportunity for a brief rebuttal.

49. He opined that B's confession was unreliable; no rebuttal medical evidence was called by the Crown.

50. Birma's wireless bears witness!

51. Jehovah's Witness Apostates Exposed

52. Bearing Witness by Discussion

53. Good Conduct a Witness

54. Bearing Thorough Witness Today

55. Definition of Compellable Witness

56. Witness statements, nothing more.

57. This witness Affidavit will indicate the statements of the witness and his general information

58. “Give a Thorough Witness”

59. 10 min: Witness in a Way That Is Understandable.

60. In 1989, a Witness named Nick began visiting me.

61. He was rather severely handled in the witness box.

62. Their obsequious praise demands a rebuttal; because really, Mimic is pretty mediocre, even for a B-movie.

63. Witness to the Truth.

64. God be my witness

65. Corroborating witness is a witness whose testimony supports or confirms testimony that is already given

66. The priest in the Fermanagh will case in the witness box.

67. But the al - Qaeda leader still felt the need to compose a detailed , 200 - page rebuttal of antagonist.

68. Peter Gives a Stirring Witness

69. The witness was extremely uncooperative.

70. But now that the question has ceased to be one of recognition, the theoretical possibility of rebuttal must exist.

71. Bearing witness to his fame.

72. I still witness by letters

73. reported being parties mostly within a regional framework to agreements on witness protection, including witness relocation.

74. How Attestation affects the witness

75. Abraham’s Witness for the Truth

76. Mrs. Vi is an witness.

77. Determined to Bear Thorough Witness

78. Tel Arad Bears Silent Witness

79. The witness in the bribery investigation refused to name names.

80. Starring: Baron Baptiste Silent Witness