Đặt câu với từ "warm undershirt"

1. The white athletic undershirt contrasted Attractively with his bronzed skin

2. He asked me to bring him a fresh undershirt and loincloth.

3. 4 She pulled on her underpants and then an undershirt.

4. If he wanted an undershirt and loincloth, he should have asked his wife.

5. Many men also wear Boxers and an undershirt to bed as super comfortable pajamas

6. With a flattering scoop neckline the Elance Supersoft cami makes the perfect undershirt! Try our Camisole today.

7. These were a crew-necked, short-sleeved, white cotton undershirt to be worn under a uniform.

8. It was warm again, warm and muggy.

9. Cami Tank Top Cotton undershirt women Tank Top Sleeveless Top Tube Top Casual Top Casual Tank Top, Strap Tank gift for her birthday MiyawFashion

10. Warm living skin.

11. He's just warm.

12. Warm but not aggressive.

13. Budapest's long summer – lasting from May until mid-September – is warm or very warm.

14. Aralias need warm temperatures …

15. Keeping warm up here?

16. Cold hands, warm heart.

17. A warm southeast wind.

18. Penguin footprints, still warm.

19. Make sure it's warm.

20. These warm waters are needed to maintain the warm core that fuels tropical systems.

21. Ferritic stainless steel for warm-water vessel with welded structure, and warm-water vessel

22. Blankets:The Blanketing was too warm

23. It smells of warm garbage.

24. Warm anorak for cold weather.

25. Can we go somewhere warm?

26. Rice grows in warm climates.

27. She's warm, friendly and likeable.

28. 1 Appearance 2 Moveset 3 Upgrades 4 Trivia Brumaire has blueish-black hair and wears a white blindfold on his face and a decommissioned lab undershirt

29. You will only find Atolls in warm waters because coral needs warm temperatures to grow

30. However, some intense extratropical cyclones can become warm-core systems when a warm seclusion occurs.

31. Let's warm up the instruments.

32. A warm smile confirms that.

33. Bowline is professional, yet warm

34. A warm welcome awaits everyone.

35. Move my mom somewhere warm.

36. They received a warm welcome.

37. I'll warm up some milk.

38. It's gritty, tough, warm-hearted.

39. Effloresces in warm, dry air

40. Train thy warm, impulsive soul.

41. She felt his warm breath... "

42. Her singing evoked warm acclamations.

43. Monday dawned warm and rainless.

44. Warm blood splashed my face.

45. He was warm and friendly.

46. Warm it in your hand .

47. The elder offers warm commendation.

48. Of calefacere to make warm; calere to be warm + facere to make.] How to pronounce Calefacient?

49. Warm mix recycled asphalt additive containing oil dregs, and warm mix recycled asphalt mixture containing same

50. Synonyms for 'Companionable': friendly, nice, warm, genuine, pleasant, welcoming, amiable, good-natured, bubbly, warm-hearted, accessible, affable

51. Callistemon citrinus-Bottlebrush has done the same thing plants that like warm temperatures like warm soil

52. Agreeable Gray is a warm greige

53. It's warm and comfortable in here.

54. They gave us a warm greeting.

55. It was a warm sunny day.

56. Dissolve the tablet in warm water.

57. The room was warm and perfumed.

58. Mid 17th century from Latin Calefacient- ‘making warm’, from the verb calefacere, from calere ‘be warm’ + facere ‘make’.

59. Booklice prefer damp, warm, undisturbed situations

60. A warm place with no memory.

61. I'm attracted to warm, earthy colours.

62. She's a good warm-hearted woman.

63. He sipped the warm milk appreciatively.

64. These blankets are warm and washable.

65. Heat thermal series, warm inmost life!

66. Temperatures now are not abnormally warm.

67. His love is warm and true.

68. Does that prospect warm your heart?

69. Made to drink warm salted water.

70. He gave Gabrielle a warm hug.

71. Nice and warm today, isn't it?

72. I can't seem to get warm.

73. Will this parka keep me warm?

74. Rinse the dishes with warm water.

75. Sylvie's voice was warm with complicity.

76. The sun shone bright and warm.

77. Its color is warm and lustrous.

78. Front - row pilot light comfortable warm.

79. This sleeping bag is very warm.

80. Serve warm or at room temperature.