Đặt câu với từ "round up"

1. Round up your weapons, folks!

2. And do what? Round up the rats?

3. Acorns allows users to round up their purchases

4. Round up a few friends to help you.

5. They are trying to round up those robbers.

6. Chalk this round up to me, please, barman.

7. Then round up the whole lot of them!

8. ARIAT Women's Round Up Buckaroo Western Boot Square Toe.

9. Round up three plants and tie them with ribbons.

10. I round up a few friends for a party.

11. His dog Nell started to round up the sheep.

12. I'm surprized Hitler didn't round up the toupee people.

13. This is a plan to round up the enemy spies.

14. 20 I'm surprized Hitler didn't round up the toupee people.

15. When in a taxi, round up to the nearest dollar.

16. These dogs were originally bred in Scotland to round up sheep.

17. Welcome to our round-up of the best Books of the year

18. See if you can round up a few friends to help you!

19. They round up all the villagers and execute them one by one.

20. I spent the morning trying to round up the documents I needed.

21. You'd better round up your classmates.It's time to go back to school.

22. 10 This is the round-up of both sides of this question.

23. We needed to do decimals to round up and round down numbers.

24. 6 But first,[www.Sentencedict.com] here's Tim with our Friday sports round-up.

25. It wouldn’t be a round-up of healthy Carbonated drinks without LaCroix

26. Welcome to our round-up of the Best books of the year

27. He tells him that he needs round up all outstanding debts immediately.

28. 12 We bring you once again a quick round-up from our network.

29. 5 The President ordered the round-up and imprisonment of all opposition politicians.

30. We ain't got time for baby-sitting, we got longhorns to round up.

31. 2 This week's issue includes a round-up of the latest record releases.

32. SHERIFF: We'd been combing the countryside the biggest posse I could round up.

33. While most taxi drivers will automatically round up to the next 500 rupiah.

34. 3 The police carried out their usual round-up of Saturday night drunks.

35. Buck bean Seed is a preferred brand of Soybeans that are Round-up Ready

36. We'll be back after the break with a round-up of today's other stories.

37. 4 First, with a round-up of the day's local news, here's Paul Kirby.

38. 7 It was a sort of round-up of people's reactions to the petrol crisis.

39. 1 We'll be back after the break with a round-up of today's other stories.

40. I helped round up criminals in Moscow and traveled to various hot spots around the country.

41. 13 We gave the wrong number for the Western Digital bulletin board in our January round-up.

42. In addition to the woolen mills, Pendleton is also famous for its annual rodeo, the Pendleton Round-Up.

43. Officially, the government’s policy is to round up street children in order to reunite them with their families.

44. The date also marks the occasion that Nazi soldiers raided a Warsaw ghetto to round up innocent Jews .

45. It took the young couple a long time to round up enough money for a trip to Europe.

46. Get all this shit round up, get out the fuck out of here, as fast as you can.

47. His name is on the black list ( blacklist ) used by the police to round up all the gangsters.

48. This round-up of pretty celebrity Braids includes box Braid hairstyles, crown Braids, cornrow Braids, updo Braids, and more

49. The Bacchae (Scene III & Interlude III) Lyrics [The soldiers move in to round up the chorus of Bacchae

50. 11 Some rodeo cowboys are Indians and the Pendleton Round-Up in Oregon celebrates them with a tepee village.

51. Custom Buttons are available in 19 sizes and styles, from 1" round up to 4" round Buttons

52. I'd like to round up the meeting by thanking all those who were able to attend at such short notice.

53. Start now to benefit from signing electronic documents with the handwritten signature and round up your installation of Adobe products.

54. They had been brought here to round up the escaped prisoners but fortunately no one was giving them any information.

55. 14 Poetry and song hit the afternoon stage, topped by a big evening round-up featuring a herd of performers.

56. According to the last Harvard Law Review round-up, over 7000 petitions for Certiorari were filed during the 1994 Term of

57. The main and the helm wanted the boat to round up and the Backwinded jib pushed the bow off the wind

58. This list of the top Companies for investors is a round-up of all the top American Companies to invest in

59. Acorns is a micro-investing app that can round up your debit card and credit card purchases to the nearest dollar

60. We hope to finalize the fieldwork by the end of 1992 and to round up research by the middle of 19

61. Neave and colleagues couldn't just round up a bunch of men and ask them to gyrate in front of women, however.

62. 9 Rumours of a round-up of collaborators with Israel, including a Hamas member of parliament, keep Gazans edgily in check.

63. The earl had gone on ahead in order to round up malefactors and provide the court with some impressive numbers for trial.

64. 10 We hope to finalize the fieldwork by the end of 1992 and to round up research by the middle of 19

65. 8 That seems to be a fair round-up of the recipe that had bankers lending to property developers in this country.

66. This is cowgirl country, so swing your lady over to the Round-Up Saloon on Cedar Springs Road, the gayest street in Texas.

67. 15 This is cowgirl country, so swing your lady over to the Round-Up Saloon on Cedar Springs Road, the gayest street in Texas.

68. If you are are looking for food ideas for Celebrating Holy Week, be sure to check up my round up of Holy Week recipes here

69. We round up six autumnal Arboretums in the UK to pay a visit to in the next few months, to enjoy masses of fiery colour

70. The original round-up app, for $1 a month Acorns moves extra pennies from your debit and credit card purchases into investment portfolios of ETFs

71. YIPPEE! 2014 has been a fun-filled year and I can’t wait to see what 2015 brings! Here’s a quick round-up of my favorite Appetizers

72. Mountain Biking trails go on for miles and miles, so round up some friends or the family, get outdoors and put the pedal to the dirt

73. 18 Each year traditional herdsman take to the back country to round up thousands of horses,(www.Sentencedict.com) which have spent the summer grazing in the highlands.

74. A round-up of the latest from the Battle for the Constitution: a special project on the Constitutional debates in American life, in partnership with The Atlantic

75. PropTiger, which is part of Singapore-based Elara Technogies that also owns Housing.com and Makaan.com, held a webinar 'Real Insight-- Residential Round-Up 2020 and outlook for Chennai…

76. ANGLING ROUND-UP Among the big Catches were angling pals Guy Nicholson, Si Nichols, Rory Corbett, Jim Burtle and Greg Lewins, catching 12, 17, 16, 10, and 12 trout

77. Bumbershoot September, four days over Labor Day weekend Bumbershoot is the premier festival of Seattle, Wash., held since 1971 and now a wide-ranging round-up of many arts

78. Cocklebur is a weedy native species and was once considered a noxious weed in Minnesota, but Round-up Ready crops took care of that and most other agricultural pests.

79. Welcome to Aldine High School! We are #AldineProudMustangStrong! 2020-2021 Mustang Round-Up Orientation Bus Routes School Hours Home Access Center District Policies The Latest Quick Links Upcoming Events

80. Since Poland's conscription system required every nonexempt university graduate to become a military reserve officer, the NKVD was able to round up a significant portion of the Polish educated class.