Đặt câu với từ "load a gun"

1. Load the Caulking gun with the caulk tube

2. The load was covered in tarpaulins, but was recognizable as a gigantic naval gun.

3. His genetics load the gun, his psychology aims it, the environment pulls the trigger.

4. A method of accurately detecting the abnormality of a load, such as the fusion at a free end of a spot gun.

5. All you have to do is load the tacks into the gun and then place the gun on your quilt area that needs Basting and pull the trigger.

6. Countable noun The Breech of a gun is the part of the barrel at the back into which you load the bullets

7. Grab a gun!

8. Bren - a submachine gun operated by gas pressure; used by the British in World War II Bren gun submachine gun - machine gun that is a portable

9. A nail gun.

10. Balling gun synonyms, Balling gun pronunciation, Balling gun translation, English dictionary definition of Balling gun

11. Bren machine gun, British adaptation of a Czech light machine gun

12. Advocate aflame with passion, raise a gun one gun result cockerel.

13. He's got a gun.

14. The Bluing process is the same for a $100.00 gun to a $10,000 gun

15. Give me a gun?

16. It's a six-gun!

17. Use a air gun.

18. He's a big gun.

19. The gun industry suggests a different model for gun owners to emulate.

20. Bluing a gun is an inexpensive way to clean the parts of gun

21. Adjusting knobs for gun sites barrels (gun)

22. Take a load off.

23. Using a gun won't work.

24. I'm just a gun salesman.

25. You have a gun, right?

26. It's like a gun show.

27. Choose from a selection of load limiters and retractable load Arrestors with load capacities ranging from 550 lb to

28. "Implementing a total gun ban".

29. It's a flare gun, Billy.

30. Better stick with a gun.

31. He's a middleman, a hired gun.

32. With the democrats and gun control groups upping their rhetoric about gun control, many gun owners are worried about gun Confiscation

33. There is a gun-salute.

34. Joshua, pick up a gun!

35. You want a smoking gun?

36. Bren gun definition, a .303-caliber, gas-operated, air-cooled, clip-fed submachine gun

37. • sediment load – suspended and bed load

38. A load sharing, multi-module power supply system (400) for supplying power to a load.

39. Adult males: a huge load.

40. What a load of bull!

41. Cop a load of this !

42. What a load of bunk!

43. That's a load of baloney.

44. It's a load of bunkum.

45. You can't do without a gun.

46. When challenged, he produced a gun.

47. Bullets fed into a machine gun.

48. A gun with a silencer fires once.

49. That's a load of balls!

50. That's a load of bunk.

51. You ever shoot a gun, son?

52. Along with Cerakote Gun Parts and Anodized Gun Parts.

53. Hey, Ivy league's gun, put that gun back away.

54. Look out, he's got a gun!

55. Yeah, heavy like a loaded gun

56. Consistent with a gun shoot wound.

57. Has anyone fired a gun before?

58. This gun has a hair trigger.

59. That's a load of hogwash!

60. That's a load of rubbish .

61. Big gun: a very skilled person.

62. A machine gun shattered the quiet.

63. A load/store unit with multiple pointers for completing store and load-miss instructions

64. The M60 was typically referred to either as a light machine gun or a general-purpose machine gun.

65. Look out! He's got a gun!

66. The gun thundered out a salute.

67. The Westland C.O.W. Gun Fighter was an attempt to produce a fighter aircraft armed with a heavy calibre gun.

68. A predetermined load is applied to the load bearing member, thereby stressing the securing assembly.

69. Huh? Ever see a kid carry a gun?

70. Burden (plural Burdens) A heavy load

71. Load Bitmaps into a ViewPager Implementation

72. Drop gun.

73. Device for testing and adjusting load-bearing means tension in a load-bearing means line

74. The first time I faced a gun,

75. A single gun barrel, number one, survives.

76. 13 Bullets fed into a machine gun.

77. A gun was found on his person.

78. My attacker threatened me with a gun.

79. Bending Polycarbonate Sheet with a Heat Gun

80. What the fuck, you got a gun?