Đặt câu với từ "warmongering"

1. Warmongering?

2. The speech hits out at warmongering.

3. The president was accused of warmongering.

4. What will Jehovah do with respect to warmongering nations?

5. 16 Will Jehovah execute judgment on warmongering nations?

6. What's warmongering got to do with Freedom Road?

7. Your uncle is wearied by your malcontent your warmongering.

8. They look at organized religion and see hypocrisy, corruption, warmongering.

9. the other seemed to love the epithet of "America's warmongering president.

10. Stop getting all emo and making outlandish statements about US warmongering.

11. Can you not see, your uncle is wearied by your malcontent , your warmongering.

12. Antonyms for Appeasing include antagonising, antagonizing, provocative, antagonistic, refusing, stubborn, fighting, unconciliatory, warmongering and loud

13. By skillful diplomacy, warmongering, and murder of his relatives, Clotaire became the king of all Gaul by 555.

14. The priest was speaking of the warmongering nationalism that at the time was tearing civilization apart.

15. Corrupt, warmongering nations will follow false religion into destruction as Jehovah’s day of vengeance catches up with them also.

16. Francis Fukuyama has been accused of many things—triumphalism, utopianism, warmongering—but never a lack of ambition.

17. However, as an official notes, there is as yet little support in the south for warmongering, and the stockmarket has held firm.

18. One was widely criticized as "India's weakest PM"; the other seemed to love the epithet of "America's warmongering president."

19. In the decades following Japan's defeat, Japan came under criticism from Korea and China for whitewashing the warmongering activities of Imperial Japan.

20. Along the way, he abandoned his crew of over 1 million on desolate planets, far from the eyes of his warmongering brethrens.

21. China refuses to condemn North Korea over the Cheonan sinking, to the irritation of America and others, while describing the exercises as unwarranted warmongering.

22. THE warmongering orcs depicted in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy are evil, unpleasant creatures that leave death and destruction in their wake.

23. Similar exchanges passed between Russia, the Ottomans and the Commonwealth; each of which often tried to use the Cossacks' warmongering for his own purposes.

24. I am truly afraid that Netanyahu is a permanent threat to world peace and the US economy because of his warmongering attitude.

25. News flash: Some random dude just creates a new account and then starts warmongering thinking himself as having the power to "do it".

26. Identity with African-elected Obama came to power, the United States is expected to withdraw its troops from Iraq, the possibility of warmongering to drop significantly.

27. So that might well chime with your view that America is a sort of warmongering military machine, out to overpower the world with its huge industrial- military complex.

28. We have no objection if this prize is an incentive to reverse the warmongering and unilateral policies of the previous US administration and if this encourages a policy based on just peace.