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1. Azes.moda, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

2. The Orthodox and Islamic religious communities have secondary religion schools in Skopje.

3. Albanians live mainly in western areas of the country and in Skopje

4. “Churches in the Acculturation Processes on the Balkans”, Sociological Review, 1, Skopje

5. 📌 Theses and Askeses [Тези и аскези/Tezi i askezi], "Feniks", Skopje, 2015

6. After the Christian population of the Bishoprics of Skopje and Ohrid voted in 1874 overwhelmingly in favor of joining the Exarchate (Skopje by 91%, Ohrid by 97%), the Bulgarian Exarchate became in control of the whole of Vardar and Pirin Macedonia

7. Welcome to Alkaloid Alkaloid AD Skopje is a company that 8 decades is in business of manufacturing drugs, processing botanical raw material

8. Macedonian Air Transport was established on 16 January 1994 and started operations on 23 June 1994 flying from Skopje to Zürich using a Boeing 737-200.

9. Five ethnic Albanians were convicted of the 2012 killings of five ethnic Macedonians in Skopje after a high-profile retrial in a case that has sparked ethnic tensions in the country.

10. In March 2011, after a grueling court process, which incited protests against homophobia in Skopje, the judge finally decided that there were no grounds for libel in the case.

11. Alkaloid AD Skopje (Macedonian: Алкалоид АД Скопје) is a company in North Macedonia which eight decades, has been operating in the field of manufacturing drugs, cosmetic and chemical products and processing botanical raw materials.

12. On 9 September 2006, he took charge of a qualifying match for the 2007 UEFA Under-17s Championship at the Gradski Stadium in Skopje between Macedonia and Denmark; the away side winning 3–0.

13. A 2–1 defeat against Ireland in Dublin was followed by victories home and away against Macedonia (3–1 and 4–2 respectively), meaning that Yugoslavia needed to win its final qualifier against Croatia in Zagreb, or to draw with Ireland failing to beat Macedonia in Skopje, in order to qualify automatically for Euro 2000.