Đặt câu với từ "a closed path"

1. An array of nanotubes distributed in a closed path are also included.

2. In previous versions, clicking inside a closed path converted it into Selection.

3. The blow mould segments (48) are moveably arranged along a closed path of circulation.

4. The gyroscope comprises a photonic crystal capable of guiding counter-propagating light beams in a closed path.

5. The molds open and close as they travel around a closed path defined by the support structure.

6. Any measurement in which the light follows a closed path is considered a two-way speed measurement.

7. The front foil is attached at the cartridge along a closed path circumferentially around the front opening.

8. In electronics, a Circuit is a closed path that allows electricity to flow from one point to another

9. What does Circuit mean? The definition of a Circuit is a closed path or a line forming a boundary

10. A closed path through which an electric current flows or may flow.♦ Circuits in which a power source is connected to two or more components (such as light bulbs, or logic gates in a computer Circuit), one after the other, are called series Circuits. If the Circuit …