Đặt câu với từ "wobbly|wobblier|wobbliest"

1. Bancal translate: wobbly, wobbly

2. Wobbly Windows

3. He's havin'a wobbly.

4. The chair looked a bit wobbly.

5. Provided to YouTube by Base79Bogtrot · Wobbly SquadronThe Cheesehunter EP℗ Wobbly RecordsReleased on: 2020-02-01Auto-generated by YouTube.

6. The evening got off to a wobbly start.

7. The front wheels on the car seem wobbly.

8. I was sitting on a wobbly plastic chair.

9. When I stood up my legs went all wobbly.

10. The meeting got off to a wobbly start.

11. She's a bit wobbly on the top notes.

12. He's still a bit wobbly after the operation .

13. Local councils Wobbly Could a local council go bust?

14. Miguel got up, all wobbly because of the rum.

15. You know it's wobbly, and you know that it hurts.

16. At Dance Energy, wobbly audience figures have prompted a remix.

17. He is still a bit wobbly after his illness.

18. My parents threw a wobbly when I told them.

19. High slung, low slung, wobbly, pointy, pert, pigeon or pachyderm.

20. One of the legs on the table was a bit wobbly.

21. "Look, I've got a wobbly tooth, " said my little daughter, proudly.

22. As I stood up, I began to feel a little wobbly.

23. She could not maintain her balance and moved in a wobbly fashion.

24. This tomato Aspic is like a wobbly take on a Virgin Mary.

25. His stroke was wobbly and the ball was headed straight for the left lip.

26. Well his passes did leave her exposed, and her front pair were pretty wobbly.

27. I've been in bed with flu and my legs are still feeling all wobbly.

28. I mean, I threw a wobbly when I first heard about this Med plumbing lark.

29. Times, Sunday Times (2017) Her garden is Beautified by a coin-operated wobbly train

30. Consider the example of a baby trying to stand up and take its first wobbly steps.

31. 7 His legs felt wobbly, blood streaming into his face from the cut on his forehead.

32. There are always plenty of people ready to snigger when we take the first wobbly steps.

33. Elsewhere, a husband and wife are delighted to see their child take his first wobbly steps.

34. My parents threw a wobbly when they found out I'd had a party while they were away.

35. If not a few sessions a week on an inclined treadmill should help firm up those wobbly thighs.

36. She loves the telephone, and she threw a wobbly when I wouldn't let her play with it.

37. The smallest deviation might snowball and produce a wobbly vertical ridge when the whole wall was complete.

38. The railing is wobbly, the space is so small that it is suitable only for one person.

39. Throwing tantrums Having a toddler thrown a wobbly in public is perhaps one of parenting's most embarrassing episodes.

40. All wobbly warble and throaty swallow, Lindsay Phillips sings as if he's endured every hardship chronicled in his ominous lyrics.

41. My inappropriate clothes, my rumpled yen, even the wobbly fusuma all seemed to signal how out of place I was.

42. It was fantastic, my lip would curl up and my knee would go wobbly and I'd sing Blue Suede Shoes.

43. A roly-poly toy, tilting doll, tumbler or wobbly man is a toy that rights itself when pushed over.

44. 5 That pitter-patter of pedestrian feet caused the structure to visibly rock,[www.Sentencedict.com] earning it the nickname "the wobbly bridge."

45. Last week I felt sure I was doing the right thing but I've started to feel a bit wobbly about it.

46. 24 It may help to keep this in mind next time your two-year-old throws a wobbly at the supermarket checkout.

47. I'm just defending myself, insists KP; CRICKET (5) 22 Tam's wobbly radio antenna (4) 23 Government rules are partly Codswallop, in retrospect (4)

48. Inspired by the natural imperfections that occur in traditional sign writing, Boatbuilder introduces an element of the human touch with this mildly wobbly yet elegant font.

49. Talking of gelatinous stuff, the single flavoured bland and wobbly things like Blancmanges, creme caramels, syllabubs, panna cottas, mousses and (shudder) milk puddings aren't really trying hard enough

50. Cerebellar Ataxia is characterized by a lack of control of postural muscles combined with decreased coordination of the arms and legs resulting in a wobbly, wide-based, staggering gait

51. "Put up or shut up, " he told Sarko and the rest, arguing that he would like to change the rules outlawing knobbly cucumbers or wobbly bananas, but national leaders wouldn't let him.

52. Bancal (feminine singular Bancale, masculine plural Bancals, feminine plural Bancales) bandy-legged (of person) rickety, wobbly (of table etc.) shaky, unclear, illogical; Further reading “Bancal” in Trésor de la langue française informatisé (The Digitized Treasury of the French Language).

53. ‘a bit of argy-Bargy between actor and director’ ‘an argy-Bargy over the price’ ‘Yesterday, Sal had a wobbly moment at school that Flynn hadn't previously been aware of; he soon realises that it came straight after their bit of argy-Bargy in the diner.’

54. The truth is, Bobbleheads can be traced back as far as the 1700s in Asia and the 1800s in the West, including in the United States! Over the years, celebrities as varied as sports stars, entertainers, and politicians have been immortalized as these wobbly dolls, not to mention popular fictional characters

55. ‘Over the putts, his Backswing would become as long and wobbly as a jellied eel.’ ‘Let your head move backward a bit in the Backswing to accommodate the shifting of weight to the right foot.’ ‘Some amateurs swing too steeply on the Backswing, bottom out the arc too soon on the downswing and hit it fat.’

56. Furniture grip repair, comprising grip pads and adhesive strip, the pads made of ethylene vinyl acetate foam with a non-skid surface and the strips made of ethylene vinyl acetate foam with non-stick or stick coating added and in the form of pads, tape and sheets, to restore the stability of loose chair rungs, wobbly tables and chairs, and the like