Đặt câu với từ "warp|warped|warping|warps"

1. Prison warps people. Had it warped Kelley enough that he would kill a stranger?

2. Warped nylium, warped fungus, and shroomlights have been removed from the possible Barters

3. Machines for preparing for weaving, namely warp feed machines, warp knotting machines, warp welding machines, crossing machines

4. The window frames are warped.

5. Warp 1, Sir.

6. The bamboo stick warped in water.

7. That raised a question: warps and curves in what?

8. His judgement was warped by prejudice.

9. Ramshackle curtains cover warped window panes.

10. RAddles help keep a warp spread evenly as it is wound onto the warp beam

11. Their lives have been warped by war.

12. His judgement was warped by self-interest.

13. Again there was static, a warped sound.

14. Mr. Sulu, ahead warp 1.

15. Warp factor 9 and accelerating.

16. Some woods warp under stress.

17. The hot sun had warped the wooden fence.

18. Have you noticed how warped these shelves are?

19. In theory, accelerating beyond warp ten.

20. We are secured for warp speed.

21. The warp and woof of sth.

22. In this regard, Peerless stated that viscose rayon warp fabrics are much stronger than acetate warp fabrics.

23. I need warp speed on that radio.

24. Warlock warp throw power cost increased to

25. The damp wood began to warp.

26. Nemesis emerges from the time warp.

27. The wooden fence had warped in the hot sun.

28. The door must be warped. It won't close properly.

29. Some of my professors at college were pretty warped.

30. Extremely intellectual people have a tendency to be warped.

31. Those violent video games must have warped your mind.

32. Alcoholics’ and addicts’ perception of reality warps when their addiction fully develops

33. (2 Corinthians 11:3) Satan corrupts people’s minds and warps their thinking.

34. Bibio Sleep On The Wing Warp Records

35. Engineering manually dropped us out of warp, sir.

36. Warped he may be, but nevertheless deserving of respect.

37. Think of the surface of a trampoline: it warps and stretches with gravity.

38. There is a warp in this record.

39. The shuttle causes a destabilized warp-field.

40. That is where all this brain-sucking, soul-warping fish wrap should be put!

41. 3d warping method for suppressing formation of holes and image processing apparatus adopting same

42. The Asymptotical World EP - Available Now on Warp Records

43. Perna, chief operating officer for Operation Warp Speed, Apologized …

44. The hot sun had warped the cover of the book.

45. The window was warped by the dampness and it wouldn't shut.

46. Einstein had already used up space and time, warps and curves, to describe gravity.

47. And that brain is learning at warp speed.

48. We're heading for Federation space at maximum warp.

49. Years of living alone may warp one's personality.

50. A steel girder may warp in a fire.

51. Engineers have discovered that the giant telescope has a warped mirror.

52. 19 The warped phenomenon is mitigated when the chordal height decreases.

53. The Bionic Spotlight is also built with heat-resistant casing the prevents sun-induced warping or discoloration

54. I hear you have difficulty with the warp drive.

55. Warlock warp throw recharge time increased to 45 seconds.

56. Set the values of the parameters: Angle = 0, Scale = 75, Brightness = 110, Deepness = 15, Warping = 33.

57. Set the values for the parameters: Angle = 0, Scale = 100, Brightness = 100, Deepness = 15, Warping = 33.

58. The Logic of Brainwashing Abusers use warped logic to brainwash their victims

59. Synonyms: twist, knot, distort, warp More Synonyms of Contort

60. What he did has warped from the path of the common sense.

61. Buy good quality, durable materials such as kiln-dried wood, to reduce material waste from warping and shrinking.

62. He sought to corrupt her mind, to warp her thinking.

63. I could hear the warp and woof of his life.

64. Bibio’s debut album released on Warp for the first time

65. Here is a time warp if ever there was one.

66. Hanoi itself appeared to be caught in a time warp.

67. Along the west wall, macabre curios and warped ornaments throng the shelves.

68. 23 Corbelled gargoyles bristled,(www.Sentencedict.com) as if spewing into the warp.

69. So Kaluza says, maybe I can play the same game and describe electromagnetic force in terms of warps and curves.

70. But then in 1916 Einstein said that space and time can be warped.

71. Left in the garage where it was damp, the wooden frame had warped.

72. Ballyhoo! played the House of Marley Stage on the Warped Tour of 2012

73. 28 synonyms for Biased: prejudiced, weighted, one-sided, partial, distorted, swayed, warped, slanted

74. He cuts me off like the threads of the warp.

75. Captain, we need further warp simulation on the flow sensors.

76. Inter woven from asbestos dust free warp and weft yarns.

77. These wooden panels are Cradled with a solid pine wood frame which eliminates warping and stretching

78. In a few years his unprincipled wife warped the probity of a lifetime.

79. Captain, assuming we have full warp capability... accelerating to warp 7 on leaving the solar system... will bring us to IP with the intruder in 20.1 hours.

80. Weaving-shed forming devices (5) group the fed warp tapes into two warp-tape groups (10, 11) and impart thereon mutually opposed alternating movements, with the result that a weaving shed (9) is opened and closed between the two warp-tape groups.