Đặt câu với từ "warning lights|warning light"

1. 2 Warning light warning device in series circuit.

2. Red warning lights flashed on and off .

3. Warning lights and signs should be clearly visible.

4. Suddenly a warning light Blinked

5. The brake warning light came on.

6. Flashing lights on a parked car usually signal a warning .

7. A parking brake warning light was optional.

8. The door Ajar warning switch activates the door Ajar warning light when your door is open

9. Safety, security, protection and signalling devices namely beacons, safety warning lights including strobes, rotating lights and bar lights

10. Flashing lights on a parked car usually signal a warning . Sentencedict.com

11. When open, it sends a signal to the vehicle's computer to trigger the interior lights, door Ajar warning light, and

12. Front auxiliary warning brake light for a vehicle

13. Some fog warning signs had been put up with flashing yellow lights.

14. The Acari Drill-Free Mini Light Bar Roof Top Mount makes it possible to install your magnetic mini light bar warning lights to the roof of

15. 18 Some fog warning signs had been put up with flashing yellow lights.

16. A big red warning light flashed on and off. Sentencedict.com

17. Pressure warning.

18. We can compare the trained conscience to the warning lights on an automobile’s instrument panel.

19. 11 synonyms for Admonitory: admonishing, cautionary, monitory, warning, monitory, warning

20. Parameter Warning

21. A light bar (100) for mounting on an emergency vehicle to provide warning light signals.

22. 23 The cluster, however, is lacking voltage or oil pressure indicators, for which warning lights substitute.

23. Vision LED LED warning Canceller ; Vision LED LED warning Canceller 12956B2-{discount-value} Images ; Vision LED LED warning Canceller 12956B2

24. The warning wire!

25. 7 synonyms for Alarum: alarm, alert, tocsin, warning, warning signal, alarm, alert

26. A Warning Canceler and Relay Harness is highly recommended if your vehicle has daylight running lights (DRL)

27. Passengers should keep their seat belts fastened until the warning light is extinguished.

28. A Warning Lesson

29. The Unheeded Warning

30. For aircraft warning 20 red neon lamps and two blinking lights with 1000 watt lamps are installed.

31. As the oil pressure further dropped into the red, a CHIP warning light illuminated.

32. He'll fire without warning.

33. The warning alarm, sir.

34. Thanks for warning me.

35. Warning! Aestheticise.com has expired

36. Aposematic coloration; warning coloration

37. Red warning signal request

38. Sound the warning bell!

39. Warning: Caps Lock on

40. A Warning from Xi

41. Thanks for the warning.

42. A Warning to Faithless Ones

43. A Warning Lesson for Us

44. She didn't heed my warning.

45. Fauci Issues Bluntest Warning Yet

46. Squamous Cell Carcinoma Warning Signs

47. The bridge collapsed without warning.

48. Fauci Issues Bluntest Warning Yet

49. This is your final warning.

50. Show image dimensions (warning: slow

51. Let’s first discuss the warning.

52. Usually there are warning signs.

53. Warning: Caps Lock is on

54. My last warning went unheard.

55. He blazed up without warning.

56. The continuous warning may be temporarily interrupted by other warning signals providing important safety related messages.

57. The warning plate and earth lug are connected separately with the warning prong and earth prong.

58. Clothing for protection against accidents, electric batteries for bicycles, anti-theft warning apparatus, electric cables, signal lights, computers for bicycles

59. How to use warning Coloration …

60. Awarn 3.4 - Robust warning system

61. Password is empty. (WARNING: Insecure

62. So, warning period is over.

63. Officials began posting warning notices.

64. Warning: this building is alarmed.

65. She blared out a warning.

66. 7 Her warning went unheeded .

67. Buckled Hardwood Warning Signs Warning signs of Buckled hardwood flooring include: Cracks or separations between hardwood boards

68. Awarn Advanced Warning and Response Network

69. Letter Subject: Warning Letter for Absenteeism

70. Synonyms: alarm; Alarum; alert; warning signal

71. Alarms and warning apparatus and equipment

72. warning, this can shock your mind

73. One warning: we need him alive.

74. Low pressure warning gauge or indicator

75. Some Warning Signs of Mental Disorders

76. But his disciples heeded his warning.

77. Well, thank you for the warning.

78. Early defense warning, internal communications, everything.

79. I'm warning you as your superior

80. Active pulsed Doppler missile warning sensors;