Đặt câu với từ "warning before cut-off|warning before cut off"

1. A landslip cut the cattle off from the paths before them.

2. Remember to cut off the fat before you fry the steak.

3. Furthermore, only debt accumulated before an institutions‐specific “cut-off-date” is cancelled.

4. MemAgas amputate, break off, break up, bring down, chip, chop off, clip, crop, cut, cut back, cut down, cut off

5. + They must be cut off* before the eyes of the sons of their people.

6. This was sent from a Russian sailor's cell phone before communications were cut off.

7. Karath -- to cut off, cut downroot Definition to cut off, cut down NASB Word Usage beams (3), cease (1), chewed (1), completely cut off (1), Covenanted(1), cut (10), cut her off (1), cut /hebrew/3772.htm- 6k

8. We must cut off the head of this snake... before it swallows us whole.

9. 8 synonyms for Amputate: cut off, remove, separate, sever, curtail, truncate, lop off, cut off

10. Cut Off Thoroughly?

11. Red warning lights flashed on and off .

12. And that doesn't set off warning bells?

13. She was let off with a warning.

14. Then, to help him not to forget, they cut his ears off before sending him away.

15. Cut off frequency (FN)

16. Abrasive cut-off wheels

17. Cut off his sleeve.

18. Cut his tongue off!

19. An overzealous whore in Manchukuo chewed off my left testicle before I cut off her head and had my way with her.

20. I was cut off.

21. They cut me off.

22. Cut off her hand?

23. Cut-off frequency (FN)

24. Police: Warning Blared from RV before Nashville explosion News

25. I cut off all contact.

26. Bonnet is successfully dropped off at the river, but not before admiring Claire's two wedding rings and warning the couple about thieves.

27. + We are completely cut off.’

28. Cut half his ear off.

29. Peremptorily she cut him off.

30. They cut off my legs".

31. To cut, cut off, or cut out with or as if with shears: Clip coupons; Clipped three seconds off the record

32. Bessel filter cut-off frequency

33. You don't know cut off.

34. Cut your own head off.

35. To cut, cut off, or cut out with or as if with shears: clip coupons; Clipped three seconds off the record

36. Learn the warning signs of an Avalanche before it's triggered

37. JEE Main Cutoff can be classified into two types – qualifying cut off marks and admission cut off

38. A big red warning light flashed on and off. Sentencedict.com

39. Someone cut off our interface access.

40. Then suddenly they are cut off.

41. Try not to cut them off.

42. They're only cut off and surrounded.

43. You want me cut if off?

44. Cut-off wheel for machine tools

45. They cut off the enemy's retreat.

46. I was cut off in midstream.

47. Cut-off wheels (parts of machines)

48. I once cut two dicks off.

49. Operator, I've just been cut off.

50. He cut me off a slice.

51. My explanation was abruptly cut off.

52. restore . . . rebuilt appears cut off “seventy

53. Intruder's radio has been cut off.

54. “Evildoers themselves will be cut off . . .

55. Diamond cut-off wheels for machines

56. Next time I cut it off.

57. I'd cut my tongue off first.

58. Cut mango cubes off the skin.

59. Following delivery , the cord is clamped or tied off before it 's cut to separate the infant from the placenta .

60. Cutting definition is - something Cut or Cut off or out: such as

61. Before he concluded his remarks, however, he sounded a prophetic warning.

62. It could also be our only warning before a massive stroke.

63. Abrasive discs and cut-off wheels, in particular flexible abrasive discs and cut-off wheels, included in class 7

64. The team's defeat is a salutary warning before the World Cup.

65. Abrasive discs and cut-off wheels, in particular flexible abrasive discs and cut-off wheels, included in class 8

66. Score twice before you cut once. 

67. fo is the filter cut-off frequency;

68. Pharʹaoh has the baker’s head cut off.

69. Measure thrice before you cut once. 

70. Beheaded: to cut off the head of.

71. I'll come around and cut them off.

72. She's had all her hair cut off.

73. You gotta cut off his balls, too.

74. Cut off your fingers, or go back!

75. Cut the stalky bits off the Aubergines

76. We just cut off his hand. Yeah.

77. Marcus, they cut a guy's head off.

78. It got cut off during the attack.

79. Behead: to cut off the head of.

80. Mind you don't cut your fingers off!