Đặt câu với từ "warmed up|warm up"

1. No, just warmed it up.

2. The sun warmed up the earth nicely.

3. The afterburner chamber is warmed up using natural gas.

4. The afterburner chamber is warmed up using natural gas

5. (a) The afterburner chamber is warmed up using natural gas.

6. The afterburner chamber must be warmed up using natural gas;

7. Keeping warm up here?

8. The old woman had got very Crotchety since being warmed up

9. (a) The afterburner chamber must be warmed up using natural gas;

10. The old woman had got very crotchety since being warmed up.

11. I'll warm up some milk.

12. Let's warm up the instruments.

13. I'm already warmed up and I got the B.O. to prove it.

14. The team warmed up for the match with a trot around the pitch.

15. The crowd began to warm up.

16. The room began to warm up.

17. We spent a frustrating five minutes while the pilot warmed up the engines.

18. Antasphyctic 727-229 Phone Numbers Old wounds heal ill that it warmed up

19. Rev it up to warm the engine.

20. Let's do a few warm-up exercises.

21. Stretch up 30 times with alternate arms as a warm-up exercise.

22. However it did warm up very quickly.

23. Let it warm up a little bit.

24. Then roll into Breadsticks when the bread has warmed up and bake as instructed

25. At the warm-up track, which was alongside the stadium, I had my usual massage and began my leisurely warm-up.

26. Bombes - Time Warp2019 (Special Warm up Set) 4

27. 22 Now that she had spoken out, Tigress warmed up. " Me, shameless ? Look who's talking !

28. Bombes - Time Warp2019 (Special Warm up Set) 4

29. By midday it had begun to warm up.

30. Birds puff up their feathers to keep warm.

31. This proved to be only a warm-up.

32. It could make or break with vibration or thermal expansion as the machine warmed up.

33. Do some exercises to warm up your muscles.

34. Please warm up this milk over the stove.

35. He started to warm up the aircraft's engines.

36. Your ice- cold cogwheels warm my heart up.

37. A warm breeze mussed up her wispy hair.

38. Tom asked Mary to warm up some leftovers.

39. She told them to wrap up warm / warmly.

40. He waited for the photocopier to warm up.

41. The dog nestled up against the warm radiator.

42. He waited for his car to warm up.

43. Make sure you wrap up warm - it's freezing.

44. Going into the warm room steamed my glasses up.

45. Let's do some exercises to warm up a bit.

46. Snuggle up to me and I'll keep you warm.

47. We'll start off by doing some warm-up exercises.

48. Voters are starting to warm up to the idea.

49. Warm up the emotion, acuity feeling, brighten the mood.

50. Mother wrapped the baby up in a warm shawl.

51. See him coming from the dugout to warm up.

52. Warm up with wall mounted and portable Convector heaters

53. Spoon turkey mixture on to warm tortillas; roll up.

54. The race for governor is beginning to warm up.

55. Let's warm up this party with a little action!

56. He blew on his hands to warm them up.

57. I turned on the grill to warm it up.

58. 5 The children jumped up and down to keep warm.

59. If you warm up the butter it'll spread more easily.

60. How long should the engine warm up before we start?

61. Heat plates are used to lower the warm up emissions.

62. It works best if you let it warm up first.

63. The children snuggled up to their mother to get warm.

64. He always begins his lessons with a warm-up exercise.

65. Convexity Po-Shen Loh June 2013 1 Warm-up 1

66. With the fire on, the room should soon warm up.

67. Taking a blanket, he wrapped me up ... warm and comfortable.

68. They would always come out and warm up the audience.

69. Select program O02020 " Spindle Warm- up " and press [ SELECT PROGRAM ]

70. 7 Mother wrapped the baby up in a warm shawl.

71. B The warm - up band steal the show from us.

72. Just an update I believe your car needs to be warmed up to get the pops and Burbles

73. They look all right but taste bland and the filling turns to runny brown jam once warmed up.

74. With the machine geometry verified, start the " Spindle Warm- Up " program

75. She walked up and down, flapping her arms to keep warm.

76. Warm up using box method and FOIL method to multiply Binomials.

77. He swam ten lengths of the pool as a warm-up.

78. In spring when the soil is warmed up quickly by sunlight, spring flowers like hepatica appear, which conjure up blue carpets on the forest floor, followed by anemone.

79. The patter suggested a warm-up for a cruise ship entertainment.

80. Is CO2 produced by man's activities causing the planet to warm up?